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Dr Upledger developed SomatoEmotional Release (SER) from many strands of mind and body work, drawing on both conventional science and traditional wisdom. This part of his work is based in the belief that mental and emotional trauma, as well as physical, can be retained in the body and can restrict our potential, either on a mental, emotional or physical level. This shows itself most obviously as chronic physical illness for example, but also more insidiously in sub-clinical dysfunctional patterns such as poor immunity, lack of energy, lack of confidence, anxiety and fearfulness.

Most healthcare approaches separate mind and body – you can have either physical therapy or psychotherapy. What SomatoEmotional Release® provides is a framework and toolkit for working with the body tissues (‘somata’) at the same time as with the emotions, to work towards a ‘release’ of the retained trauma. This can occur in a myriad of ways and is frequently gentle and creative as we listen to and learn from both mind and body. SER® facilitates personal growth, helps us move from illness, unresolved issues and lack of potential, towards health and fulfilment and is an ingenious tool for sorting out our lives and redesigning our futures.

We know that a radical change in physical health, whether for the better or the worse, is invariably accompanied by profound mental change. We also know from studies of behaviour and body language that the reverse is equally true - a major change in mental perspective is always accompanied by a change in body activity, posture and movement. SomatoEmotional Release® and the tools of CST combine all aspects of human nature - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - into one approach that can facilitate tremendous change and growth in a person’s life.

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