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CranioSacral Therapy

2017 Training Courses

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CranioSacral Therapy I

Course Length: 4 days

Advanced preparation: Reading Your Inner Physician and You and CranioSacral Therapy (chapters 1 - 6), both by Dr John Upledger.

Programme Highlights

· Palpation - gross-subtle, active-passive, three rhythms.
· Fascia as a whole body system, cross diaphragms, techniques for release.
· Flexion and extension.
· Direction and energy techniques.
· Vertical and horizontal cranial membrane systems.
· Unidirectional tractional force.
· Membrane system and Anatomy slides of skull and cranial suture.
· Dural tube evaluation, traction, treatment.
· TMJ technique.
· 10-step protocol.

From this workshop you will gain advanced palpatory skills to study subtle biological movements, and a concise 10-step protocol for evaluation and treatment that is easily integrated into existing practice, leading to improved treatment results in individuals with a history of pain and illness.

CranioSacral Therapy II

Course Length: 4 days

Advanced preparation: Successful completion of CranioSacral Therapy I workshop followed by ample independent study time for skill development and practice. Required reading: chapters 7 onwards of Dr John Upledger’s CranioSacral Therapy and the chapter on Temporomandibular joint in CranioSacral Therapy II, Beyond the Dura.

Programme Highlights

· Cranial dysfunctions.
· Hard palate, the mandible, and temporomandibular joint dysfunctions.
· Whole body evaluation.
· Energy cysts.
· Regional tissue release.
· SomatoEmotional Release.

The course begins with the study of cranial base dysfunctions as perceived, diagnosed and treated by Dr William Sutherland, the father of cranial osteopathy. In this course students learn how to integrate Sutherland’s techniques for identifying and evaluating lesions into our “10-step protocol” and how to apply individual correction when needed.

Evaluation and treatment of the hard palate, the mandible and temporomandibular joint are presented and practiced to complete the exploration of the masticatory system.

You can expect to take away with you skills to localize and correct motion distortions of the spheno-palatino-vomero-maxilary complex and restrictions of the teeth. You should be able to evaluate general vitality, motivation, emotional status and biochemical dysfunction using the CranioSacral rhythm. You will have had the opportunity to observe and/or participate in the process of SomatoEmotional Release.
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